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Typeface browser app for Windows 10

Notes Sheet

A modern notepad for Windows 10

Hi. My name is Leisvan Cordero. I’m a freelancer developer focused on bringing the best User Experience in productivity apps. My focus is mobile and modern technologies such as Universal Windows Platform. LCT Works gathers my best works and presents it to the world. Enjoy!

What to expect


UX focused

Nothing like feeling like a Pro. Well, good user experience designs boosts your productivity by presenting complex operations in a easy-to-use interface.

Cutting-edge tech

Technology gives us new opportunities almost daily, why not taking advantage of that? LCT Works is focused on using the latest technologies and features available.


OK, but the thing works? A good user experience needs to provide smooth performance with fast and optimized tasks execution.


Thoughts on the Industry, Dev tutorials, Tool discussions and more.

Coming soon…