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My name is Leisvan Cordero Trujillo, I am a software developer specialized in desktop and mobile applications, with more than 10 years of experience in the .NET environment.

I have been part of several development groups. Here I will show some of my works.

Microsoft Store


My beginnings in desktop application development were in Windows Forms and where I have accumulated the most experience is in WPF. However, it has been in UWP where I have published more apps because most of the projects I have worked on are private, mediated by confidentiality contracts.
In the Microsoft Store my works are published under the name LCT Works. These are my most relevant applications:

Font Catalog

Font explorer designed for Windows 10

Notes Sheet

A practical, fancy designed app for plain text editing. It can be used as a replacement for the default Windows notepad.


Development of visual themes for the Quickpad UI, among other features.



This repository is a collection of various prototypes I’ve worked on. Each directory contains a different project, showcasing a range of ideas and experiments in Windows desktop development.

Business Applications


WPF Application for the Registration and Management of Works of Art for Pedro Pablo Oliva Art Studios. For consultation of references, you can contact Silvia Oliva Sainz, representative of the artist, via e-mail:

Casino Floor (Las Vegas)

WPF Application for Dealer Management (Profiles, Rankings, Tutor Systems and Scheduling) for casinos. For references, you can communicate with Ing. Ángel Luis Villasante, coordinator of the development group, via e-mail:


WPF institutional multimedia application for the Cuban Research and Hydraulic Projects Company.

More tools

Class Libraries with solutions to problems that developers of the .NET environment may have, published on They have over 25,000 downloads.