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My name is Leisvan Cordero and I’m a software developer and an enthusiast visual designer. Since Windows 8 my interest in Metro designed apps started to grow and then Universal Windows Platform arrived, I’ve been creating anything that comes to my mind for Windows 10 since day 1. UX and UI are my focus when developing products.

LCT Works groups the products I’m proudest of. Although it’s something I started with Windows 10, LCT Works signs other projects like websites or development tools.

I also have developed web solutions and management system for local businesses in my town. My main interests are Mobile development, Desktop solutions and Graphics design, although, as enthusiast, I work on every platform I can.

What I’ve worked on

I can’t showcase most of my work. Here are some of the project publicly available:

Notes Sheet

Windows 10 App

A practical, fancy designed app for plain text editing. Can be associated with .txt file format and use as a replacement of the default Windows notepad.

Font Catalog

Windows 10 App

A light-weight, elegant font viewer. Useful for typeface preview and properties analysis

Pedro Pablo Oliva


Official website of cuban artist Pedro Pablo Oliva

Standard Collections

Code Library

An extended set of collections for .NET Standard

Mainly focus on


Universal Windows Platform




Xamarin (Android, iOS)


WPF (Desktop Development)


Thoughts on the Industry, Dev tutorials, Tool discussions and more.

Coming soon…